The Hudson Valley Cone Riders, founded by Steve K., is a group that encourages motorcyclists, who are interested in mastering their riding skills, to successfully complete a variety of cone pattern exercises in either novice or advanced setups.

This is NOT a training course.

At the practice site, each rider is free to practice slow cone maneuvers, using their own motorcycles, and at their own risk. Waivers must be signed before participating. Mid-Hudson Cone Riders’ organizers will provide cones for the cone patterns. There is no fee to practice and there are no membership responsibilities. Just come and have a good time!

Ride with other like-minded motorcyclists and challenge yourself and each other! If you’re really confident and interested in taking your skills further, Steve K. will assist you with information on how to sign up and compete in cone competitions throughout the U.S. with other fellow riders of the Mid-Hudson Cone Riders.

Fun Facts

A few years ago, Steve K. dedicated himself to learn how to master slow cone maneuvers and even bought a second bike, just to practice. He developed his skill enough and worked up the courage to compete in his first ever cone competition at the New England Motorcycle Training and Skills Competition recently in Vermont, where he placed 2nd in the Novice Class! He says he had so much fun up there at the competition that he is now more motivated than ever to become a better rider.

Steve was also fortunate to attend police motorcycle school hosted by the Metro Transit Authority (MTA) in 2019, that he successfully completed and became a certified police motorcycle operator through the New York State Department of Criminal Justice Services.

Contact Steve K. and the Mid-Hudson Cone Riders on Facebook and get working on your skills today!