Live and Ride Outside Of The Hudson Valley? Check Out Upstate NY Motorcycle Riders!

If you like what the Hudson Valley Biker Network is all about and what we provide for the motorcycling community in and around our beautiful region of New York State, then you’ll like the Upstate NY Motorcycle Riders group on Facebook!

Motorcycles are our way of expressing our freedom. To get out on the open road and go wherever our wheels take us. They help us to decompress after a long work week or to get away from the stresses of life. They help us to become one with nature and help open our minds to the many other sights, smells, and sounds of areas that, individually, we may not have explored yet.

The Hudson Valley Biker Network’s focus is the Hudson Valley Region. However, if you’re wondering what the rest of the state, namely upstate NY, is up to, you can check out the Upstate NY Motorcycle Riders group. Similar to the way the Hudson Valley Biker Network started in 2009 as a dream, which was manifested into a Facebook group page, the Upstate NY Motorcycle Riders are also working to bring bikers together to ride and network with each other via Facebook. Their group page, administered by our friends Ross and Greg, currently has over 1300 members and is rapidly expanding!

Understanding their mission and direction, the Hudson Valley Biker Network is happy to partner with Upstate NY Motorcycle Riders to help promote their group and offer our own resources, such as our free event calendar, to their members. We understand the importance of networking and creating meaningful relationships with other groups, businesses, clubs, riding groups, independents, community organizations, etc., to create unity among bikers and enhance our amazing lifestyle. We understand that the Hudson Valley alone is not representative of this beautiful state as a whole, therefore it is crucial that we remain open to collaborative efforts with groups such as Upstate NY Motorcycle Riders to keep New York State one of the best, if not THE BEST, motorcycle touring locations in the country and even the world.

We are looking forward to working with Ross, Greg, and their members with Upstate NY Motorcycle Riders and we thank them for their willingness to partner with us! Please check out their Facebook page at: Upstate NY Motorcycle Riders