My Ride With The FOP Lodge 704 Motorcycle Unit

By: Eddie Blanco, HVBN C0-Founder

This past Saturday, 05/16/2020, I had the privilege of riding with the Fraternal Order of Police (FOP) Lodge 704 Motorcycle Unit and their friends from Stormville to Rhinebeck. It was an absolute gorgeous and scenic ride up route 82 through Millbrook to route 199 in Pine Plains. We then shot west on route 199 to route 308 into the historic Village of Rhinebeck. One thing I noticed and loved about the FOP 704 riding style is that the group is always aware of their road captains. Once a road captain shuts an intersection down, the group moves to the right to prepare for the road captain to come back up to the front of the pack before falling back into a staggered formation. As a motorcycle police officer, I really appreciated the structure and fluidity of that type of riding.

Meeting up in Stormville. Photo Credit: Trudy McGhee

After parking in a municipal lot in downtown Rhinebeck, FOP 704 member, William Sayegh, of Sayegh Law, who sponsors the HVBN, suggested we eat at Buns, a little burger restaurant which is located on a little side street, called Garden St., that runs parallel to route 9 and behind the well known Foster’s Coach House. We got our food and walked back to the bikes to enjoy our delicious lunches! We sat and talked about anything that came to mind. I had a lot in common with most of the them and we discussed a lot about ‘the job.”

Lunch time in Rhinebeck! Photo Credit: Judy McGhee

The next stop was Nana’s Ice Cream on 9G and Haviland Rd. in Hyde Park. We got back on our wheels and headed south and once we arrived to Nana’s, we were treated to our favorite ice cream by Uncle Joe, one of FOP 704’s members. It was very hot that day and that cold ice cream hit the spot! I then figured it was a good time to wipe my bike down, while I waited for everyone else to finish, and continue to engage with other members. FOP 704 members were all very approachable, funny, and just a great group of people. From there, members and guests began to go their own ways, but before we did, we had to take a group picture with twin brothers whose birthday it was that day! They were relatives of Uncle Joe and William Sayegh and it made the boys’ day to take pictures next to the motorcycles and with the group.

I want to thank the Fraternal Order of Police Lodge 704 Motorcycle Unit for inviting me to ride with them. It was an awesome day of riding and meeting new friends. I am definitely looking forward to riding with them again very soon!


Full patched riding members of FOP 704 must be an active or retired law enforcement officer and must acquire membership with the FOP Lodge 704 in Carmel, NY. Interested candidates must first attend at least 5 rides to meet and get to know the other members. They must own a motorcycle and one that meets the club’s standards. Candidates must also be licensed and insured. Non-law enforcement civilians can apply for an auxiliary/support membership and need the sponsorship of a full patched member.

Anyone interested in membership with FOP 704, please contact Bucky, at Visit their website at: