HVBN Celebrates 10 Years!

Created: February 2, 2019

The actual date the Hudson Valley Biker Network began was December 13, 2008 with the intention of getting an early jump on the 2009 riding season. The page was created to promote respectable, working relationships and networking between independent riders, motorcycle riding groups/clubs, and other motorcycle enthusiasts within New York’s Hudson Valley Region. It started as a Facebook page where members can show off their rides, find and post information on upcoming events; such as charity events, poker runs, bike blessings, bike shows, etc., and share funny motorcycle related posts. In addition, members could give their personal feedback and provide professional expertise on the many topics that other members of the page shared. Lastly, and most importantly, it serves as a place to promote biker education and awareness.

In August, 2011, I met a fellow motorcyclist, who would become a great friend, by the name of Ray Zarcone, at an event he hosted in Saugerties, NY. The event was a memorial ride for his late friend, Terence O’Neill, which benefited Autism. There, Ray and I discussed ways we could work together to do more for his cause through the Hudson Valley Biker Network page. Since then, Ray Zarcone and I have promoted the HVBN page to the biker community through word of mouth and Facebook, which has since grown significantly in membership!

Ray and I have been involved in a few events over the years, but one of our most significant accomplishments was a charity ride and event that Ray spearheaded in October 2016 for the family of Cara Cuevas, a young mother, who passed away giving birth to her daughter just one month earlier. Ray and I knew that the HVBN membership was strong enough to pull this event together in a very short amount of time and that it would be successful. Thankfully, with the help of Wayne and Pattie Lasher, owners of Dock Street Station at Mike’s Point in Catskill, NY, our members, Christine Clausen-Hoy, who put the ride together, Sean Rafferty, who led the ride, music by E. B. Jebb, and other volunteers, the event was a great success! We were able to raise approximately $6K for the family of Cara Cuevas! This event really gave us some momentum moving forward. Shortly thereafter, our Facebook page membership grew even more, reaching approximately 1,700 members by 2018.

In the Spring of 2018, Ray and I created the Hudson Valley Biker Network website (hudsonvalleybikernetwork.com)(hvbikers.com) with the intention of giving not only our Facebook members, but the rest of the biker community, who may not be on Facebook, access to the many events that were being promoted in our area. In addition, we offer many other valuable motorcycle related resources, information, directories, and our new classifieds section. The HVBN has become a common name within our biker community and continues to grow bigger and bigger!

Now, we reach 2019! 10 years since our inception. Looking back on how we got started to where we are today, it is a big accomplishment. It’s an accomplishment because of all the rides that were started here, the friendships that were created here, the members, who joined riding groups/clubs, that were recruited here, the motorcycles and parts that were purchased here, the money for charities that were raised here, etc… All of this is what makes the HVBN so special to us and hopefully just as special to all of our members and to those who have benefitted from it.

In celebration of our 10 year anniversary, we have created our new HVBN logo that is now a registered trademark! This logo will be used for promotional products; ie. t-shirts, hats, patches, bandanas, etc. To wear an HVBN product tells other bikers that you care about your biker community and enjoy the many benefits that the Hudson Valley has to offer us motorcyclists. It invites other bikers to conversation about motorcycles, our travels, and promotes networking. Our logo shows unity among our region’s bikers and, in true HVBN spirit, it reminds us to respect each other and all those we meet in our travels.

To all of our members, supporters, sponsors, businesses, and all other motorcyclists in our region, we thank you for your continued support and we look forward to networking with you all in the near future! Please ride safe and be well!

-Eddie “Blanco” Ramirez, HVBN Co-Founder

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